28.1.2019. – Ben Cain – Basic Matter and Hard-Working Objects


Pozivamo vas na otvorenje izložbe Bena Caina:
”Basic Matter-Bound-Bodies and Hard-Working-Objects Speaking in Some Human Voice”
Ponedjeljak 28.01.2019. / Greta, Ilica 92, Zagreb / 20h


‘…our things in our hands must be equals, compares…’

Things ‘…will replace the pleasure of commodity possession, not with its presumed communist opposite of material renunciation, but with something far more peculiar and psychologically powerful: the material object as an active, almost animate participant in social life’.
Christina Kiaer

Rodchenko called objects ‘comrades’. This conception made inorganic objects a ‘doubling of the human body’, whereas Marx criticised capitalist commodity for having the opposite effect. Rodchenko deplored the way that Paris’s commodity culture turned women into ‘a thing’. In contrast constructivist commodities as comrades were the height of interactivity, their virtues being multifunctionality, mobility, convertability. Use value dominated over display value.
Susan Buck-Morss

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