18.5.2019 – Ben Cain – the shape of you

Pozivamo vas na otvorenje izložbe Bena Caina
the shape of you
Subota / 18.05.2019. / Greta, Ilica 92 / 20h

the shape of you

Object-Love, Love-Object, Leave-Object
Making-up and breaking-up and other degrees of distance
between us

Slow dance, no dance, cheek-to-cheek, arm-in-arm, wall-to-
wall, back to the wall, falling, flailing, failing to say what they
long to say, or do what they said they’d do, doing it anyway,
close to collapse, haptically, happening now, between a rock
and a hard place, a hard thing between one and another, your
friend, your confident, your rock.

The objects are conscious of the apparent need to ‘work’ or to ‘act’ inorder to be able to compete with other interactive and participatory technologies/experiences/materials. Their response to this demand is contradictory – they feel a need to fulfill that demand, and they are simultaneously driven to drop out, to not perform, to rest. In this sense the work or things ‘on display’ are just like lots of other living bodies who have to constantly negotiate degrees of self-presentation alongside
degrees of self-preservation. These objects nevertheless desperately want to be part of an active interpersonal, inter-species space of exchange, building together the collectively elaborated narrative or subject. They want to get as close to people as possible. The object’s possibly unrealiseable desire to be touched and to touch back is a key part of a subtext that refers to the questionable notion of an essential identity or character of objects and draws attention to the ways in which
objects might, or might not, have the ‘power’ to affect audiences or vice versa.