Dragi prijatelji pozivamo vas na Tjedan eksperimentalne animacije u Greti
od 25.11 do 30.12.2013.
Projekcije počinju ponedjeljak u 20h.

Nakon ponedjeljka projekcije možete pogledati svakim danom od 17 do 20h.

Tjedan eksperimentalne animacije prikazuje selekciju odabranih filmova u suradnji s Dunjom Janković i projektom ‘Škver’.

Tjedan završavamo projekcijama novih filmova Dalibora Barića koje prikazujemo U petak i subotu 29. i 30.11.2013.

Zeitguised – Peripetics. 3:20, 2009, Germany
Six imaginations of disoriented systems that take a catastrophic turn. (Z)

Nicolas Mahler – Mystery Music. 5:00, 2009, Austria
Music is first excreted, and then received. Sausage or spherical. The subsequently resulting sound is not the actual sound of
the instruments shown, but the perceived timbre of abstract music representation. (NM)

Aaron Wendel – Dwellings. 4:00, 2010, USA
Over time, two houses slowly destroy each other. (AW)

Stuart Hilton – Save Me. 6:00, 1994, United Kingdon
Day-to-day mystical, trivial and important activity is represented using reoccuring symbolic triggers, both visual and aural.
Something has happened and I missed it. I wonder if I’ll guess correctly. (SH)

Johan Rijpma – Tape Generations. 2:30, 2011, Netherlands
Scotch tape at its most hypnotic.

Steven Subotnik – Hairyman. 3:00, 1998, USA
A psychological fable inspired by folklore from the American South. Three characters pursue their hungers in a
stream-of-consciousness chain of events. (SS)

Kyle Sullivan – Esthesia. 4:12, 2010, USA
An experimental animated short film about rediscovering the fundamental structures and spatial relationships inherent in
the mundane objects of everyday life. (KS)

Jesse McManus – Macavity. 3:00, 2011, USA
Overdrive light-box layers, dirty carpet collage, coin-counting, looming over scrappy lamps. (JM)

Thorsten Fleisch – Kosmos. 5:11, 2005, Germany.
The mystery of the crystals under closer examination… Through growing crystals directly on film their mystical qualities
shine straight to the screen. (TF)

Eric Dyer – The Bellows March. 5:30, 2009, USA
Crowds of concertinas live out a cycle of destroy-create-destroy. Eighteen 3D-printed, hand-painted cinetropes
(spinning sculptures) were created for the film. (ED)

Kevin Eskew – Neat Meat. 2:50, 2012, USA
A man and his hog out for air. (KE)

Max Hattler – AANAATT. 4:45, 2010, Germany
The ever-shifting shape of Analogue Futurism. 100% digital-effects free. (MH)

Inger Lise Hansen – Travelling Fields. 9:00, 2009, Norway
Through shifting perspectives, architecurual elements and natural surfaces appear both familiar and alien. Shot in the
Murmansk region of the Kola Peninsula, Russia.

David O’Reilly – Black Lake. 2:00, 2010, Germany/Ireland.
A drifting journey through a mysterious submerged world.